Empowering education by supporting children in the way they learn.


PCA offers a revolutionary curriculum that is based upon individualized instruction and mastery learning. In essence, each student is their own class. They are looked upon as an individual and their needs, abilities, and potential are all taken into consideration. They are not pushed ahead with a class if they are not ready and are not held back by the class if they are ready to progress. This approach to education allows the student to learn effectively, giving them a sense of achievement.
Each new student is placed at their exact academic level through diagnostic testing. Students work independently in their own "office," in their individually prescribed workbooks, called PACEs. Teachers provide one-on-one instruction as each student requires assistance. Our low teacher-to-student ratio ensures that the student receives more than enough help in understanding key concepts.

With this individualized approach, the responsibility of learning is placed on the student while teachers and parents work together to help motivate and support them. As students learn how to set and complete daily, weekly, and yearly goals, they are gaining an important skill, especially when it comes time to pursue post-secondary education!

Lastly, the individualized curriculum emphasizes the student's uniqueness and encourages parental involvement which, in turn, produces academic excellence. 

Mastery Learning

Students at PCA must achieve a minimum test score of 80% in order to proceed to their new unit in each subject. This standard is achievable by nearly all students, as they have the necessary time to master each concept and are not pushed ahead until they are ready. Having this high standard establishes a pursuit of excellence which is highly sought after in the workforce. 

The students at P.C.A. go through standardized testing with an educational psychologist every two years to determine how they compare alongside students across Saskatchewan. Our most recent testing revealed that 90% of the students at P.C.A. tested at or above their grade level in both Math and English, which is well above the provincial average!
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