1. Is the school accredited?
Yes, upon graduation, the student will receive a diploma which fully complies with the Saskatchewan Education requirements and allows students to directly enter University or College.

2. Will a student graduating from P.C.A. be ready to go to University or College?
Studies have shown that fifty percent of first year University students will drop out before half the school year is complete. It is not because these students were not intelligent enough to do the work required, but rather because they did not have the necessary tools to get the job done. In the A.C.E. program, these vital tools are an integral part of every day study. Upon graduation, each student will have mastered the necessary tools to be a success at any post secondary school. The following are just a few of the tools that each student will use to be a success in any future studies.

  • Mastery Learning: Each student is required to pass each test with a score of 80% or higher. If a student does not meet these requirements, the appropriate measures will be taken until the student can show they have mastered the content in that subject. A person graduating form P.C.A. will have a very high knowledge and understanding of all school material.
  • Memorization: Throughout the program, there is constant information which must be memorized by the students, from the first level right through to the twelfth. As a result, the ability to memorize is mastered by the student enabling them to retain information in University or College.
  • Goal Setting: The ability to set reasonable goals and then follow through with them has always been a strength when it comes to higher education. At P.C.A., students are required to set daily goals and then make the necessary effort to accomplish them. The student then gains the satisfaction of completing his own work. The ability to set goals and accomplish them is at the very heart of success in University or College.
  • Taking Responsibility for Their Own Learning: Each student is encouraged and motivated to be responsible for completing their work every day. As a result, the student learns to become the deciding factor in his own learning experience. This character trait will definitely be a plus upon entering a post secondary school.
  • Good Study Habits: Taking the time to really study and master the work is a daily exercise at Prairie Christian Academy. Students are taught a variety of methods to study and how to use them to master their subjects. This is where many students have failed in University. While they may have gotten through high school without really studying or learning to study, PCA teaches each student to develop good study habits. This ensures that the student will be more than prepared to meet the challenges of a post secondary education.

3. What other opportunities are available for my child at P.C.A.?
P.C.A. offers a number of out of office, accredited courses such as, Drama, Physical Education, and Art. Each year, our students are given the opportunity to participate in school performances, as well as church programs. Students are also offered an opportunity to learn more about music and video through our church activities.
Every year the students at each level experience learning through a number of field trips. Some examples of past field trips have included tours of the Synchrotron at the University of Saskatchewan, Triple FFF in Regina, and trips to Jasper, Alberta.