Mastery Learning


Once a child is enrolled, he is given a diagnostic test to determine at which level he should be working in a particular subject. Once his level is found, he is given a PACE for that subject. This is done for each subject.

Each subject in the A.C.E. curriculum is divided into 12 PACES per year. A PACE looks like a workbook, but it is a combination of text, learning activities, unit tests or check-ups, a self-test and a PACE test. The PACE test is taken under supervision, scored by a staff member, and provides the grade for that PACE.

Academic achievement is one of the greatest strengths of Accelerated Christian Education. Graduates from the A.C.E. program are attending more than 475 universities and colleges globally and are achieving outstanding results.

The passing mark at P.C.A. for each PACE is 80%. If a student scored below that mark, he repeats the PACE until he masters it.

Awards are an essential part of the educational process and help to reinforce the quality of character growth. Through the use of awards, students can be motivated to strive higher in academics, athletics, as well as spiritual maturity. At the end of each school year, an Awards Night is held to honour students who have demonstrated excellence in academics, attendance and character. Trophies, plaques and medallions are awarded to students demonstrating high achievement and consistent character.