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    Form must be completely filled out before it will be processed.

    An application fee of $50.00 must accompany Application and is non-refundable. An interview with the parents and student will be required before final acceptance.

    International Students

    International students may qualify for government funding and therefore may be required to pay regular tuition. Please read the following and indicate which criteria the international student would fall under.

    International Student Criteria
    At least one parent has a valid work permit and is moving to an address in Saskatchewan (the student lives with the parent holding the work permit)
    At least one parent has a valid study permit and is registered in a full time degree or diploma program (short term EAL courses are excluded).

    ***The student and or parents are visiting Canada. In this case we would not count the student for funding purposes.
    ***Students in Canada for the sole purpose of education and are not accompanied by parents. In this case we would not count the student for funding purposes.

    Please contact the Prairie Christian Academy school office for current international non-funded tuition rates (306) 652-2230