Why Prairie Christian Academy?

Our world has changed immensely in the last few years. From world-wide pandemics to sharply rising inflation, many people have been bombarded with a sense of hopelessness. What will our future look like? Will there ever be a time when we return to any semblance of a “normal” life and if so, what does normal look like? The stress and anxiety that we are feeling is not limited to you and me as parents. Numerous studies have been conducted and even more are currently taking place to find out how the last few years is affecting our children. What will be the long-term impact on their mental and physical health? And going forward, what can we do to help them? 

At P.C.A., one of the multitude of reasons that our Christian Academy was started over 40 years ago was to be a shelter for our children. In the hallways and classrooms of PCA, there is an atmosphere of peace and of hope. God’s presence surrounds both the staff and students in our weekly chapel services and is a true lifter of our spirits. P.C.A. will always remain a place that has its foundation firmly placed on Biblical standards and values, regardless of the influence that our unseen enemy tries to exert over our students' hearts and minds. P.C.A. truly is a safe haven for all families. 

Students at P.C.A. go through standardized testing with an educational psychologist every 2 years to find out how they compare with students across Saskatchewan. Our most recent testing revealed that 90% of P.C.A. students tested at or above grade level in both Math and English which is well above the provincial averages.

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